Pat Armstrong · Interaction Design 🔆

Principal Product Designer at Service NSW 👋

Experienced design professional, leading interaction, strategic, and service design projects for government, financial services, technology, and cultural sector organisations. Strong interests in UX and innovation around data and privacy literacy, payments technology, and online content discoverability.

Other projects linked below.

Sydney Review of Books
Design for the Sydney Review of Books. Development by Will’s Websites.
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Design & front-end development for the new With The IC.
Centre for Deep Reading
Design & front-end development for The Centre for Deep Reading, who make environments for reading.
State Library of NSW
Visual design & digital brand extension for the State Library of NSW. With The IC.
So Below: A Comic About Land
Design & development for a narrative comic about land, space, and property.
Three Reflections on Contemporary Art History
eBook typesetting & programming.
The Crowded Desert
Design & development for multimedia feature on indigenous housing issues in Tennant Creek.
The Town That Wouldn’t Disappear
Design & development for multimedia feature on coalmining in the Hunter Valley.